Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2.0

 As it turns out, our pumpkins weren't as great as we thought. We always get our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween & then carve them the night before. Monday morning I decided to check on them & discovered that 2 of  had gone rotten. I contacted the owners of the pumpkin patch & they said we could bring them back for an exchange. Good thing!
We weren't able to make it back Monday night, but Tuesday night Guy came home a little early so we could get there before dark. This actually turned out to be a better time. Much less crowded, a little chillier (that's a good thing), & I remembered my camera this time.

 Liam saw the tractor & really wanted to go for a ride. So we hopped on & away we bumpily went.
 I'm thinking this will be our Christmas card.
 Having so much fun!
 Such handsome little fellas!

 I'm trying really hard to get more pictures with me in them (even though I'm not always happy with how they turn out.)
 Parker took this gem for us.
 Going through the tall hay maze. Guy waited outside with our pumpkins for us. These two little turds left me behind. It was eerily quiet surrounded by all the hay.
 Liam became obsessed with this little kangaroo. He was so sad to leave it & kept talking about wanting a baby kangaroo so he could name it Joey.
 Going through the kids maze. One of them is a little too tall. Can you see the other one?
Marmaduke was there (actually his name was Mowgli) & he was the sweetest thing. The kangaroo was Alvin & was sooooo soft. We also saw some pigs, a three legged goat, another goat, cow, & a mini donkey. So, I guess it wasn't such a bad thing that our pumpkins went rotten, because we got to go back & enjoy more of what the pumpkin patch had to offer.

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday we headed over to the pumpkin patch. It was busier than I'd hoped, but the boys had a fun time playing in the corn pit & going down the slide. They also had a little spook alley & hay mazes that we went through. 

Then we headed out to the field & tried to find our perfect pumpkins. Usually we have no problem finding good pumpkins, but this year they seemed to be few & far between. Luckily, we found 4 that we liked well enough to take home.

Since it had been so crowded at the pumpkin patch we decided to head up to the park. Also, the construction was really bad on this day & we just couldn't go home yet. We practically had the park to ourselves!

Parker & I went on a hunt for mushrooms while Liam & Guy played on the slide. Parker was trying really hard to catch the leaves that were falling from these trees. He finally caught one & was so pleased. After checking all over, we finally found some mushrooms on our way back to the playground. It was a great way to end the day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Break

A couple weeks ago Guy was able to take both the days off that Parker was on Fall Break, which made for a nice little "staycation". One of the days we decided to pack up a picnic & head up the canyon.
We went up Hobble Creek Canyon & stopped where I remember spending a lot of time as a kid. So, so many memories at this place.

 We went to sit down at a table, but there were a lot (I mean a LOT) of weird looking bugs covering the table top & benches. We decided it would probably be easier to spread out a blanket & eat our lunch that way. It was so nice & peaceful sitting there & listening to nature. We've had construction happening by our house since spring & it's getting OLD.
 After we'd had enough to eat we decided to explore a bit & collect some leaves.
 Parker thought it was really cool how this tree only had one leaf left. He really wanted to get it down, but it was much too high for him.
 Liam kept asking if he could go adventure on his own. He'd go as far as he dared (which was about this far) before he'd come running back to us with a slightly worried look.
 There was a playground there (which I honestly don't remember one being there 25+ years, ok...I feel old now) that the boys really wanted play on. I was more in the mood to hike around, but I let them have their fun.
 Parker scaled this climbing wall a few times while Liam ran around, down a slide & back over & over again.
 After a while we decided to head further up the canyon. Liam wasn't too happy to leave the playground, but once we got to the car he was fine.
 We drove as far as we felt like we could go before stopping to get out. It turns out (we think) that the road must have ended shortly after where we stopped as several cars passed then came back around only minutes later.
 It was so pretty up there & I really wish we could have hiked around more. I didn't really see a trail though & there was fence. So we just hung out by the side of the road & took in the fresh air & beauty of it all.
 Parker wanted to take some pictures so I let him have a turn.
 Then Liam wanted a turn so he took this one of us. If you look closely, you can see him in the reflection of Guy's glasses.
 The yellow leaves were so intense.
 Such a fun day. I always feel so refreshed after being up with nature. It really needs to happen more often that it does.
Gosh these boys!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What you've all been waiting for.

   Last Saturday something happened. We were finally able to convince Liam to get his hair cut. Guy told him he could play with his Lego Millenium Falcon if Liam let us cut his hair. This has been a battle we've been trying to win for a few months now.
   Actually, it took me a while to get to the point where I wanted to cut Liam's hair. I mean, come on...the curls! I realized about 6 months ago that it needed to happen, thing was, Guy wasn't quite on board with it yet. Then Liam was too scared to get his hair cut. So between Guy & Liam it just wasn't happening.
   Last Saturday though, something changed. I was tired of the CRAZY hair. It was just always everywhere & crazy messy all the time. It looked great right after it had been washed & dried into perfect ringlets, but Liam is a boy. A wild & crazy boy! So, within minutes those perfect curls were perfectly disheveled curls. It had to be done.
   Once Guy convinced Liam, I then started having a mild panic attack. My sister was sick so she couldn't come over (she cuts all our hairs). So I knew I had to do it. I was worried that I was going to mess it up. I knew the curls would be forgiving, but what if I cut it too short & it looked awful? I got it together though & pulled through.
   Once the ponytail was cut off Liam thought he was done. It was quite the challenge to get him to sit still long enough for me to cut it into a "style". All in all, it turned out really cute (just don't look too closely because it's a major hack job).

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get out of town.

 Last week we headed up to visit Grandpa & Grandma Kidd. It was a last minute trip, but much needed as we've all been feeling a little claustrophobic around these parts.
 I made Parker pose for the picture. Then I had to be really silly to get a smile.

 Playing with the head of a snapdragon. He was making it talk & saying some funny stuff. Too bad my brain forgot what it was.
 We headed over to the park just down the street to get some fresh air.
 Let's pretend I'm actually doing the monkey, I used to be so good at these things.
 Mr. Pouty face right there. I get this from him at least a few times a day.
 I dig him.
 Dear Liam, when did your legs get so long?
 This twisty slide was kind of funny. Every time Parker went down it you'd hear a loud thunk, then an "ow!", then he'd come out in some weird position. Haha..the boys, Guy included, had fun going down it a few times.
 It took some convincing, but Liam got brave enough to go down, then we couldn't stop him.
 Guy spun Parker & Dallin on the tire swing. What you see is Parker laughing so hard, but also almost not being able to hold on any longer.
 He was really dizzy when he got off the tire swing & couldn't walk straight. He may have ran into the pole also.
Walking back from the park.
It was a quick trip. It was an exhausting trip (for some reason Liam thought as soon as the sun came up it was time to go, go, go!) But it was nice to get away from home for a couple days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Sundance Picnic

 Without going into details this summer has been a stressful one. Unfortunately, that stress was starting to take it's toll on everyone in the family. One night, it became very apparent that this family needed to get So at about midnight (after telling the boys to go back to bed several times) I announced to Guy that we were going on a picnic up to Sundance the very next day.
 Sundance has always been a peaceful spot for me. It's enough of nature without having to plan too far in advance. We packed up a lunch full of fruits & vegetables & sandwiches & headed up.
 It wasn't as cool up there as we had hoped it would be, but it was still considerably cooler that what it had been that past few weeks.
 I took my Canon camera (which I hadn't gotten out of it's bag for about 6 months) along with my Instax camera (like the old Polaroids where you get instant pictures). I let Parker & Liam use the Instax & decide what they they wanted to take pictures of. It was really fun to see things from their level & with their eye.
 I hadn't used my "big" camera for so long that it seemed so unfamiliar to me (whoops). I just needed a break from it I guess. It was fun & frustrating at the same time, but reminded me that I really do like to capture the moment. I just need to get back into practice.
 We hiked all around & went to the country store to pick out suckers. What's a trip to Sundance if you don't get a wooden stick sucker? We also browsed around the gift store & the boys found some really cute finger puppets (that we could actually afford!)
 We sat & looked & watched. We breathed in the fresh air.
 We gave Parker a bunch of art supplies for his birthday, so he brought them along. We try to encourage him to explore with his drawings, I love to see what he comes up with.
 I took a blurry picture of the totem pole.
Sometimes if you pay attention, you just might see something really cool that's slightly hidden.
It was really refreshing to get out & do a little exploring. As late summer comes around we start to feel trapped indoors because of the GIANT mosquito problem in our neighborhood. We are surrounded by fields so it really is kind of ridiculous. Anytime that we can get out & get some fresh air really does do all of us a whole lot of good.