Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Sundance Picnic

 Without going into details this summer has been a stressful one. Unfortunately, that stress was starting to take it's toll on everyone in the family. One night, it became very apparent that this family needed to get So at about midnight (after telling the boys to go back to bed several times) I announced to Guy that we were going on a picnic up to Sundance the very next day.
 Sundance has always been a peaceful spot for me. It's enough of nature without having to plan too far in advance. We packed up a lunch full of fruits & vegetables & sandwiches & headed up.
 It wasn't as cool up there as we had hoped it would be, but it was still considerably cooler that what it had been that past few weeks.
 I took my Canon camera (which I hadn't gotten out of it's bag for about 6 months) along with my Instax camera (like the old Polaroids where you get instant pictures). I let Parker & Liam use the Instax & decide what they they wanted to take pictures of. It was really fun to see things from their level & with their eye.
 I hadn't used my "big" camera for so long that it seemed so unfamiliar to me (whoops). I just needed a break from it I guess. It was fun & frustrating at the same time, but reminded me that I really do like to capture the moment. I just need to get back into practice.
 We hiked all around & went to the country store to pick out suckers. What's a trip to Sundance if you don't get a wooden stick sucker? We also browsed around the gift store & the boys found some really cute finger puppets (that we could actually afford!)
 We sat & looked & watched. We breathed in the fresh air.
 We gave Parker a bunch of art supplies for his birthday, so he brought them along. We try to encourage him to explore with his drawings, I love to see what he comes up with.
 I took a blurry picture of the totem pole.
Sometimes if you pay attention, you just might see something really cool that's slightly hidden.
It was really refreshing to get out & do a little exploring. As late summer comes around we start to feel trapped indoors because of the GIANT mosquito problem in our neighborhood. We are surrounded by fields so it really is kind of ridiculous. Anytime that we can get out & get some fresh air really does do all of us a whole lot of good.

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Mickie Ann said...

What fun! I love that Parker is drawing, what a great idea for a gift, I will borrow that idea. :)