Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get out of town.

 Last week we headed up to visit Grandpa & Grandma Kidd. It was a last minute trip, but much needed as we've all been feeling a little claustrophobic around these parts.
 I made Parker pose for the picture. Then I had to be really silly to get a smile.

 Playing with the head of a snapdragon. He was making it talk & saying some funny stuff. Too bad my brain forgot what it was.
 We headed over to the park just down the street to get some fresh air.
 Let's pretend I'm actually doing the monkey, I used to be so good at these things.
 Mr. Pouty face right there. I get this from him at least a few times a day.
 I dig him.
 Dear Liam, when did your legs get so long?
 This twisty slide was kind of funny. Every time Parker went down it you'd hear a loud thunk, then an "ow!", then he'd come out in some weird position. Haha..the boys, Guy included, had fun going down it a few times.
 It took some convincing, but Liam got brave enough to go down, then we couldn't stop him.
 Guy spun Parker & Dallin on the tire swing. What you see is Parker laughing so hard, but also almost not being able to hold on any longer.
 He was really dizzy when he got off the tire swing & couldn't walk straight. He may have ran into the pole also.
Walking back from the park.
It was a quick trip. It was an exhausting trip (for some reason Liam thought as soon as the sun came up it was time to go, go, go!) But it was nice to get away from home for a couple days.

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Mickie Ann said...

Fun!! I understand the Sunrise getter uppers??? Maybe its a Wyoming thing, that happens when out of towners come to visit!!!