Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Break

A couple weeks ago Guy was able to take both the days off that Parker was on Fall Break, which made for a nice little "staycation". One of the days we decided to pack up a picnic & head up the canyon.
We went up Hobble Creek Canyon & stopped where I remember spending a lot of time as a kid. So, so many memories at this place.

 We went to sit down at a table, but there were a lot (I mean a LOT) of weird looking bugs covering the table top & benches. We decided it would probably be easier to spread out a blanket & eat our lunch that way. It was so nice & peaceful sitting there & listening to nature. We've had construction happening by our house since spring & it's getting OLD.
 After we'd had enough to eat we decided to explore a bit & collect some leaves.
 Parker thought it was really cool how this tree only had one leaf left. He really wanted to get it down, but it was much too high for him.
 Liam kept asking if he could go adventure on his own. He'd go as far as he dared (which was about this far) before he'd come running back to us with a slightly worried look.
 There was a playground there (which I honestly don't remember one being there 25+ years ago...um, ok...I feel old now) that the boys really wanted play on. I was more in the mood to hike around, but I let them have their fun.
 Parker scaled this climbing wall a few times while Liam ran around, down a slide & back over & over again.
 After a while we decided to head further up the canyon. Liam wasn't too happy to leave the playground, but once we got to the car he was fine.
 We drove as far as we felt like we could go before stopping to get out. It turns out (we think) that the road must have ended shortly after where we stopped as several cars passed then came back around only minutes later.
 It was so pretty up there & I really wish we could have hiked around more. I didn't really see a trail though & there was fence. So we just hung out by the side of the road & took in the fresh air & beauty of it all.
 Parker wanted to take some pictures so I let him have a turn.
 Then Liam wanted a turn so he took this one of us. If you look closely, you can see him in the reflection of Guy's glasses.
 The yellow leaves were so intense.
 Such a fun day. I always feel so refreshed after being up with nature. It really needs to happen more often that it does.
Gosh these boys!

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Mickie Ann said...

beautiful! I love how amazing you at taking pictures. Lots of fun!! Glad you got to spend the days together! those are the best!