Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2.0

 As it turns out, our pumpkins weren't as great as we thought. We always get our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween & then carve them the night before. Monday morning I decided to check on them & discovered that 2 of  had gone rotten. I contacted the owners of the pumpkin patch & they said we could bring them back for an exchange. Good thing!
We weren't able to make it back Monday night, but Tuesday night Guy came home a little early so we could get there before dark. This actually turned out to be a better time. Much less crowded, a little chillier (that's a good thing), & I remembered my camera this time.

 Liam saw the tractor & really wanted to go for a ride. So we hopped on & away we bumpily went.
 I'm thinking this will be our Christmas card.
 Having so much fun!
 Such handsome little fellas!

 I'm trying really hard to get more pictures with me in them (even though I'm not always happy with how they turn out.)
 Parker took this gem for us.
 Going through the tall hay maze. Guy waited outside with our pumpkins for us. These two little turds left me behind. It was eerily quiet surrounded by all the hay.
 Liam became obsessed with this little kangaroo. He was so sad to leave it & kept talking about wanting a baby kangaroo so he could name it Joey.
 Going through the kids maze. One of them is a little too tall. Can you see the other one?
Marmaduke was there (actually his name was Mowgli) & he was the sweetest thing. The kangaroo was Alvin & was sooooo soft. We also saw some pigs, a three legged goat, another goat, cow, & a mini donkey. So, I guess it wasn't such a bad thing that our pumpkins went rotten, because we got to go back & enjoy more of what the pumpkin patch had to offer.